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VIVA is an all-in-one wellness program that can help you manage hypertension, reduce your risk of chronic disease, and feel better than you have in years.

1 in 3 Nigerian adults have hypertension.

Are you at risk? Do you have family or friends who might be?

How can VIVA help you?

Managing hypertension is a journey. VIVA helps you get there faster.

Healthier heart

Improve your heart age

Reduced chronic disease risk

Lower your risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease

Sustained weight loss

Get into shape

Improved wellbeing

Feel healthy and full of life

All-in-one support

It’s pretty straightforward. VIVA provides end-to-end support.

Health Coach

Data-empowered coaching from experts, personalized for you.


Drug discounts and free services in participating pharmacies


Financial protection for some chronic-related hospitalisation

Mobile App

Simple platform to understand your baseline and track progress

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